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My Story

It has always been in my nature to encourage people to believe in themselves.  From an early age I've had an innate care and compassion for those around me.  As I got older, I began to noticed how often people hold themselves back, settling for comfortable (if unfulfilling) routines instead of making what they really want out of life.  Sometimes I noticed myself doing it too,  Other times, I would genuinely give my all and it still wouldn't be enough.  What do you do then?  That's the question.

PhD fieldwork with Elephants in Cambodia, 2015

I was a starving artist stuck in low paying jobs for most of my twenties.  When the economy collapsed in 2009 I decided to start over. I began to explore my options and eventually leaned into my passion for helping others. I studied holistic bodywork at the Esalen Institute and became a certified massage therapist.  Soon after I trained to become a yoga teacher as well.  I wasn't just learning new professional skills during this time—I was also on a journey of personal healing and growth that gradually began to transform my life. 


I continued to follow my curiosities and passions and returned to grad school in 2012 to study depth psychology and somatics. A after five wonderful years of hard work, I received my PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute with a doctoral dissertation on imagination and neuroscience.  Soon after graduating, Pacifica offered me a post-doctoral teaching fellowship, and after several years as adjunct faculty, I was hired as an Assistant Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies.

I started my coaching practice in 2014, just a couple of years into grad school.  I was learning so much about the human psyche and wanted to put that knowledge into practice helping people grow into the best version of themselves.  In addition to my PhD, I've completed coach trainings with Rhema International and Radiant Coaches Academy, and earned a coaching credential through the International Coaching Federation.  Always eager to keep learning, in 2022 I embarked on a year-long narrative coach training program.


I love being a coach.  I know how powerful it can be to been seen, heard, and supported, and I'm honored and grateful to be able to offer that to my clients every day.  

"By focusing on the process, Jonathan guided me to tap into my natural resources and abilities, supporting me in making significant personal and professional shifts. I still use techniques learned in my sessions with Jonathan on a daily basis to keep me grounded and in-line with my goals and objectives."  - Sean Benson

"Jonathan has been an incredible support to my priorities and commitments! I feel way better prepared to tackle projects and prioritize self care."  

- Tamryn Storm Hawker

“Jonathan helped me see the path to achieving my goals is simple and doable” 

- Evan James

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