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Coaching Services

For those concerned about the cost of coaching: a limited number of reduced-cost "sliding scale" slots are  available for clients facing financial hardship. To request a sliding scale rate, please get in touch and ask if I currently have any open slots available, and be prepared to tell me a bit about your financial situation.

Single Drop-In Session:  $150

One 50-minute coaching session.  New clients who want to continue are welcome to apply this amount toward their first coaching package.

Basic Coaching Package:  $500 ($125 per session)

Four 50-minute coaching sessions plus email support.  Must be used within 8 weeks.

If after the first four sessions you decide you want to continue long term, this amount can be applied toward the 6-month transformation package.

Transformation Package:  $2400 ($100 per session)

24 coaching sessions plus email support.  Must be used within 1 year.

Recommended for anyone looking to make and sustain major life changes.

If you are interested in working with me and want to know more, lets schedule a phone or zoom call and discuss how I can help:

Frequently Asked Questions for Pricing and Packages

I'm struggling with finances right now but I really want to work with you.  Do you ever offer reduced rates?

I don't want temporary financial hardship to get in the way of anyone getting the support they need to thrive.  I make a limited number of sliding scale appointment slots available for clients who are experiencing genuine financial hardship.  Please reach out and tell me about your situation, and we'll see what we can come up with.   Please respect that these slots are meant for the people who really need them.

Can I work with you on a monthly basis?

You are welcome to see me monthly at the drop-in rate, if that feels like the best fit.  I have found there is often a drop-off of results when the time between sessions extends past two weeks.  For that reason, I don't offer package rates for monthly sessions to new clients.

I do make an exception for long-term clients who have already achieved some some success through coaching and want to transition to seeing me monthly.  Clients who have already worked with me consistently for at least 8 sessions and who want to move to a monthly check-in may purchase the basic session coaching package for use on a monthly basis.

It's a month-long package, but I have 8 weeks to use it?

I strongly encourage working on a weekly basis.  However, some clients, due to limited time or funds, prefer to schedule their sessions every other week.  You will have up to 8 weeks from the first session to use the remaining three sessions before the package expires.  So you basically have two months to use the package. 

For the 6 month transformation package: you have up to one full year to use all 24 sessions.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We can divide up the payments as follows: The month package (4 sessions) may be paid in two installments of $250 at the 1st and 3rd session; The 6 month package may be paid in four consecutive monthly payments of $600.

What if I purchase the six month package but need to quit part way?  Do I get a refund?

If for some reason either one of us feels that the coaching relationship is not working out, we can absolutely negotiate a partial refund for unused sessions based on the monthly package rate ($125 for each session used).

What if I have to reschedule a session?

I have a generous 12 hour cancellation policy (i.e. the night before).  As long as you give me at least 12 hours notice, we can reschedule.  Last minute cancelations and no-shows will not be refunded.

Exceptions will be made in the case of genuine emergency: car accident, sudden serious illness, death in family, etc.  

If you know in advance that you will be traveling for an extended period, just let me know ahead of time and we will work something out.

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