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The Guidebook


A Little Guidebook to Pragmatic Change is a psychologically savvy down-to-earth manual for making change of all kinds, from the personal to the professional.  I wrote this book as an alternative to the flashy, outsized claims that dominate the self-help world today.   Topics covered include: positive thinking, smart goal-setting, accountability, practical neuroplasticity (brain change), emotional intelligence, relationships, communication, self-sabotage, creativity, inner-work, and much more. 

You can purchase your copy here:

Print Edition

Kindle Edition

Ebook (Epub) Edition

You can also download and preview the first few chapters here: 

Ebook (Epub) Edition

(recommended format!)


Simple PDF File


I offer a free print copy to any client who signs up for a month of coaching with me (if you already purchased a copy, I'm happy to credit that purchase towards your coaching bill!).  The guidebook is not required reading to work with me - its up to you if you find it helpful.  That said, it can definitely save us time in the coaching sessions by giving us some shared language around certain concepts from the get-go

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