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Free 30 Minute Consultation


I encourage anyone who is thinking about working with me to schedule a free initial consultation . This will give us an opportunity to get to know each other, discuss what you hope to get out of coaching, and begin to envision the changes we can create together.


What to expect from the consultation:


1. We’ll get clearer on your situation, goals and vision, and explore options for moving forward.


2. We’ll identify some of the primary challenges that could be slowing you down or sabotaging you.


3. We will look for at least one concrete action step to take in order to begin moving forward.

4.  You'll have the opportunity to ask me any questions you still have about being coached by me.

There is just one requirement in order to schedule the session:  I ask all new clients to fill out a basic intake form before the consultation.  Having this basic info going into the call will help to assure that it is a productive conversation for both of us.  We can spend less time going over the basics of your situation, and more time coaching.

This is a good opportunity to get a sense of who I am and how I work.  It's also your chance to address any remaining questions or concerns you have about the coaching process.

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