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My coaching sessions happen at my home office in Tucson, Arizona.  I also do remote sessions by Zoom.


Healing Through the Breath

Engage the Power of Breath for Healing and Growth



In this experiential workshop we will explore:

  • Yogic breathing techniques to become grounded, calm, and deeply relaxed to overcome stress and anxiety.

  • Musical vibration to open your voice and foster somatic connection to others.

  • Ecstatic breathing techniques to shift consciousness and open to greater insight about yourself and your life.

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Sunday September 9, 6:30 - 8 PM
855 N. Failing Street
$20 Suggested Donation
No one turned away for lack of funds
*Please show up on time to claim your space.  
Studio doors will be closed at 6:45 PM
This experiential workshop offers instruction in several breathing techniques for healing and personal growth.  Gently explore and develop your ability to use breath for deep relaxation, connection, and healing.
This workshop will include:
Yogic pranayama: ancient yogic breathing techniques for grounding awareness in the body, shifting into deep meditative states, and cleansing body and mind.
Vocal Toning: Using voice to experience your capacity to create and resonate musical vibration.  Even the simplest shared vibrations in group setting can feel remarkably connecting and invigorating.  We will work with vibrating the same tone in sound and body, working with discord, and creating simple three part harmonies as a group (Note: you do not have to have a "good voice" or any musical ability to enjoy the benefits of this practice!)
Ecstatic Breathwork:  Sometimes attributed to shamanic traditions, this technique for healing breathwork has been in the west for decades and is now enjoying increased popularity.  Using steady, open-mouthed breathing, oxygen enriches the nervous system leading to altered states of consciousness that often bring a tangible sense of insight and emotional healing.
What to Bring:
A yoga mat, a journal and a pen, a donation, your lungs, your heart, and an open mind.
In the interest of creating a safe and secure space, the doors to the studio will close at 6:45 PM, so be sure to arrive on time to claim your space!
Please RSVP using the contact form below—
and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions!

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Jonathan Erickson is a life coach, holistic bodyworker, and yoga teacher with eight years of experience in the wellness and personal development field.  He received his PhD in depth psychology and somatics at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

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